Credit Plus Terms and Conditions

Use of the Commercial Bank Instalment Plan is governed by the following terms. 

By signing an Instalment Plan charge form or by telephoning Commercial Bank Call Centre to install a purchase under a chosen Scheme the Cardholder is bound by them. 

This Agreement is integral to the Card terms and conditions signed by the Cardholder.

It is important that you read these terms and conditions.

1. Definitions:

In this Agreement the following words shall, unless the context otherwise requires, have the following meanings:


The contract between the Cardholder and the Bank, including its assigns, constituted by these terms and conditions.


The Commercial Bank of Qatar (QSC) or its legal assigns.

Cardmeans any valid credit card properly issued by the Bank.


An individual to whom a valid Card is issued and used for an Instalment Transaction, which the terms and conditions of this Agreement govern.

Instalment Charge

A monthly charge to the Card account and recorded on the Statement, which provides for repayment of an Instalment Plan within the Scheme period agreed. 

This monthly charge will include fees and charges that are defined within the Scheme.

Instalment Limit

The maximum amount that a Cardholder may use for Instalment Transaction(s). This may be part of the existing Card limit or a separate limit attached to the Card, which has been approved by the Bank for the use of Instalment Plan(s). 

Instalment Partner

A retailer or service provider who provides a Scheme under which the Cardholder may use an Instalment Plan.

Instalment Plan

Any Scheme offered by the Bank and/or an Instalment Partner at any time providing for the purchase and payment of selected goods and services by Instalment Transaction.

Instalment Transaction

Any purchase charged to a Card by the Cardholder, which may benefit from an Instalment Plan within the conditions of a Scheme. 
The conditions under which an Instalment Plan is offered between the Cardholder and the Instalment Partner or the Bank. This will define the terms including but not limited to the: type of purchase, repayment period, fees and offers related to the purchase.

The Statement of Card account of a Cardholder which records the details of the Instalment Plan and Instalment Transaction. 
The following headings used in the Agreement are for convenience only and shall not affect the interpretation of any provision of this Agreement.

2. Use of the Instalment Plan
The Cardholder must have an Instalment Limit approved by the Bank before requesting an Instalment Plan. The Bank may decline this request without reason. 

If the Bank approves an Instalment Limit it will maintain a right to accept or reject any Cardholder request to accept an Instalment Plan without reason. 
The Bank will not guarantee goods or services purchased through an Instalment Plan. The liability of the Cardholder to the Bank under an Instalment Plan shall not be effected by any dispute relating to such goods or services, or any dispute between the Cardholder and the Instalment Partner or any third party. 

The Cardholder may enter into any number of Schemes at the same time as long as the Instalment Limit is not exceeded. 
The Cardholder will provide documentation, that may include proof of identity, residence, address and financial ability to repay, requested by the Instalment Partner and the Cardholder will sign a Scheme agreement if requested by the Instalment Partner.

Irrespective of whether a Cardholder signs a Scheme agreement the Cardholder will accept the Instalment Plan if the Bank confirms the Cardholder intent to establish an Instalment Plan for purchase of the goods or services.

3. Payment
The Cardholder undertakes to pay to the Bank all Scheme Instalment Charges agreed in the Instalment Plan.

The Cardholder may not cancel their Card, unless with the express agreement of the Bank, whilst an Instalment Plan is not fully repaid.

A purchase under an Instalment Plan will immediately be charged the standard Card interest rate as advised in the Card terms and conditions or as amended, unless a discounted or promotional interest rate has been offered within the Scheme.

The Bank will advise the Cardholder in writing of the relevant details of each new Instalment Plan created.

The Cardholder may not alter the Scheme agreed for which the purchase is authorised unless agreed in writing with the Bank. Any change agreed will be subject to a rescheduling fee as advised. The Bank may refuse to change without reason.

The Instalment Charge will be debited to the next Card Statement after the purchase date of the eligible goods or services. This will continue until the Instalment Plan has been repaid in full.

The Bank will send details of Instalment Transaction(s) to Cardholders as part of their Card Statement. This will provide a record of all new Instalment Charges payable by the Cardholder during the preceding month and the total monthly amount due to the Bank by the Cardholder for all current Instalment Plan(s). 

The Cardholder must pay the minimum amount due shown on the Statement by the payment due date and in cleared funds. If this monthly payment is not properly made the Bank may cancel the Instalment Limit and demand immediate payment of any outstanding balance.

The Bank will allow early payment of the Instalment Plan subject to an early payment fee as advised.

Only the purchase price of the goods or services shall be used for calculating a rewards value, which may be offered within the terms and conditions of the Card. 

The Cardholder will pay any expenses incurred by the Bank arising from any breach by the Cardholder of these terms and conditions. 

4. Fees and Charges

A handling charge will be added to each Scheme Instalment Plan subscribed to by the Cardholder.
Cardholder failure to pay the minimum amount agreed under the Instalment Plan by the payment due date as advised on the Card Statement shall pay penalty charges on the unpaid balance in the same way as defined in the Card terms and conditions. 

An overlimit fee will be charged to the Card in any month that the Cardholder exceeds their Instalment Limit during the month. 

The Bank shall be entitled at its sole discretion to vary the rate or method of calculation of the above fees and charges. 

The Bank may introduce new or amend fees and charges at any time by posting details on its website and will not send a written notification to inform the Cardholder. Any posting of fees and charges will take effect seven days after posting on the Banks' website. 

5. Cancellation

The Bank reserves the right to terminate the Instalment Plan at any time without prior notice and require the Cardholder to repay the balance of the entire amount of the Instalment Plan immediately upon demand. 

6. Refunds and Claims

The Cardholder will be credited with an Instalment Plan refund if the Instalment Partner refunds the Bank. 

No claim by a Cardholder against a third party may be the subject of a defence or counter claim against the Bank and no right of a Cardholder against the Bank may be assigned or otherwise disposed of.
The Bank shall not be liable in any way if a third party does not honour the Card. 

7. Variation

The Bank may vary these terms and conditions including Fees and Charges at any time whether or not a similar variation is made to these terms and conditions with any other Cardholder. 
Without giving any prior notice, the Bank shall be entitled to alter or amend these terms and conditions at its absolute discretion and with immediate effect. 

8. General

The Bank shall not be liable if it is unable to perform its obligations under these terms and conditions, nor shall the Cardholder liability to make payment under condition 3 above be discharged if the Bank is unable to advise the amount due because of the failure of any machine, data processing system or transmission link or to individual dispute or anything outside the control of the Bank, its agents and subcontractors. 

The Bank does not undertake that facilities available to Cardholders as a result of arrangements between the Bank and third parties will continue indefinitely.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of the State of Qatar and the Cardholder irrevocably submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the civil courts of the State of Qatar.
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