Virtual Visa Terms and Conditions

(In addition to the Terms and Conditions of the Cardholder Agreement)

The Cb Visa Virtual Card shall remain the property of The Commercial Bank of Qatar (the Bank) at all times. The Bank is entitled to cancel the right to use the Card without prior notice and shall not be held responsible for any event resulting from cancellation.

The Cb Visa Virtual Card is a Visa Card in all respects except that it cannot be used for any face-to-face transactions where an imprint of the magnetic stripe or physical card is required.

The Cb Visa Virtual Card cannot be used for “Dual Mode” transactions, e.g., purchase an item over the internet that subsequently would require presentment of a physical Visa Card bearing the same account number as The Cb Visa Virtual Card in order to receive that item.

The Cb Visa Virtual Card cardboard, which carries the Card Account Number, Expiry Date & Card Account Name, is for the purpose of reference only.

Upon its approval by the Bank, this application and all supporting documents shall constitute integral parts of the Cb Credit Card Agreement.
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