Call Account


If you’re keen to save and want to maximise your interest, ​​but need to k​now you can access your money quickly - then our Call Account could be right for you.



With an interest rate of 0.75%, the Call Account is designed to give you higher returns than a regular Savings Account​, it’s the best of both worlds.


​​​​​​Who’s eligible?

To open a Commercial Bank Call Account, you need to hold or be applying for a Residence Permit.


We don’t charge a fee when you open a Commercial Bank Call Account.

Making deposits:

Pay in at a branch, online or at an ATM.

Making regular payments:

You can set up regular monthly payments into your Call Account​ by standing order. 

Currency options:

Qatari Riyals or most major international currencies.

Ways to bank:

You can bank by phone, SMS, mobile, ATMs and in-branch.

Learn how our Deposit Rates grow your money.

Apply for a Call Account today for a high rate with higher returns.

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