World MasterCard Debit Card

​​​​​​​​​​​​Offered by invitation to Private Banking customers o​nly, the World Debit MasterCard presents a​ new way to manage your money worldwide.


You can manage your money whenever you like using our different banking channels. With this debit card, you can make deposits or withdraw cash in branch or via ATMs as well as pay for goods and services across t​he globe. All you have to do is present your World MasterCard Debit Card at over 1,200 locations in Qatar and 14 million abroad.​


World MasterCard Debit Card lets you access your bank account 24 hours a day via ATMs across Qatar and at other banks’ ATM machines displaying the NAPS sign or internationally displaying the Cirrus Maestro sign.

Who’s eligible?

By invitation only for Private Banking Customers



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