Get ready for an elevated experience with your new Mastercard.
Whether you are a Platinum Card holder or a Classic Debit Card holder​ holder, get ready to be upgraded to your new Mastercard which comes with unmatched benefits, enhanced security, and much more… ​​

As we strive to provide you with the best usage experience, your new Mastercard card is designed to bring you exclusive offers, perks and privileges for an upgraded experience. 

All you need to do is visit the nearest CBQ branch kiosk to print the card and activate it. 

Start using your new Mastercard card to avail the numerous benefits:
  • To find out more about your new Mastercard Platinum Credit card, please click here.​
  • To find out more about your new Mastercard Debit card, please
  • click here.​

Keep in mind

 The card you are holding will be deactivated as soon as you get your new Mastercard card.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • CBQ strives to provide you with the best experience and the best value for money. Our new proposition with Mastercard is designed to bring you exclusive offers, perks and privileges to provide you with an upgraded experience on your everyday spend.
  • The ultimate purpose is to further increase the convenience and security you enjoy while making payments. In this respect, the CBQ has associated itself with Mastercard, one of the leading network providers in the field of payments.

After receiving the e-mail notification from CBQ on the conversion date, you will need to visit your nearest CBQ Kiosk to print and activate your brand new CBQ Mastercard.

Your Visa card will be deactivated with the activation of the new Mastercard card. Also, you will receive a communication with the period you have to activate the new card before your old card gets deactivated.

You can activate your card through the kiosk, by logging in to your mobile app or internet banking channel, by SMS, or by contacting the call center at 4449 0000.

Your new Mastercard card has a number different than your previous card. Therefore, if you provisioned your old card number in any digital wallet, stored it with any websites for automated bill payments or used it to set up a recurring payment on CBQ Mobile app or online Banking, please remember to replace it with the details of this new card.

Yes – your existing balance and standing instructions will automatically transfer over to your new Mastercard debit card as soon as you activate the card.

Yes – your existing rewards/ balance, instalments and standing instructions will automatically transfer over to your new Mastercard credit card as soon as you activate the card.

What is great about this conversion is we are simply changing your current Visa to a Mastercard. This change will not impact your credit score.

  • For debit card, there is no annual fees.
  • For credit card, annual fees will be the same as those currently applicable to your current card. To know your annual fee and other charges on your credit card package please visit the schedule of charge by clicking here.

  • No – your annual fee cycle stays as it was on your existing card and you will not be required to pay any annual fee before your existing annual fee cycle date.
  • For illustrative purposes, you paid your Visa card annual fee on the 30th of May 2022 and received your new Mastercard today. Your next annual fee will be charged on 30th of May 2023 and not before.

Mastercard cards can be used domestically and internationally. Your new card comes with new benefits – for both here and abroad.

All Mastercard cards come with unsurpassed protection. Your account is protected by your personal PIN. The card itself has Chip Technology – the strongest security in any card. And your online shopping is protected by Mastercard SecureCode, an extra layer of security.

Use your card anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Mastercard is accepted at over 36 million locations and millions of ATMs worldwide. This reduces the stress related to carrying large amounts of cash, which if lost or stolen is gone forever.

 Yes. For debit cards, you will need to switch on online transaction functionality through MIB/RIB. Then, you can use your Mastercard card online and it is highly secured through SecureCode which is one time password sent to your registered mobile phone with CBQ to complete the transaction in a secure manner. You can also register your new card details with online merchants for ease of use in future transactions.

Yes. You can activate the card and create a new PIN through RIB, MIB, ATM.

No. Please activate your new card as soon as you receive it.