Understanding Your Credit Card Statement

We’ve prepared this useful list of terms to help you understand your Credit Card statement. 


Account Number
  • Unique reference number for Credit Card account
Credit Limit
  • ​Maximum credit limit assigned for usage
​Statement Date
  • ​Day when your credit card statement is generated, mostly at the end of every month
Payment Due Date
  • ​Last date on which your minimum payment can be paid to avoid overdue fees
​Current Balance
  • ​Total amount used from your credit card including purchases and installments
​Minimum Amount Due
  • ​The minimum amount that must be paid before payment due date
Available Credit Limit
  • ​Remaining amount available on the credit card for usage
​Cash Limit
  • ​Available limit for cash withdrawals 
​Credit Limit
  • ​Available limit for purchases
​Posting Date
  • ​The date on which the transaction got processed
Date Card Used
  • ​Date on which the transaction was performed
CBQ Approval Code (authorization code) for the transaction
  • ​Authorization ID that is generated during a successful transaction which is used by the merchant to claim the transaction amount from Commercial Bank
  • ​Amount deducted for purchases and cash withdrawals done
  • ​Amount of payments made or refunds received from the merchant in QAR
  • ​Total amount of debits and credits on specific cards
Plan Tenure
  • ​Number of monthly Installments
Total EMI’s Billed
  • ​Number of monthly Installments paid
Amount Billed
  • ​Total amount of installments paid
Remaining EMI’s
  • ​Number of monthly Installments yet to be paid
Remaining Balance
  • ​Total amount of installments yet to be paid
Opening Balance
  • ​Balance carried forward from the previous months
Overdue From
  • ​Minimum payment unpaid from the previous month's statement
Closing Balance
  • ​The total outstanding balance on the card for the current month statement
    (debits + opening balance - credits = closing balance)