Frequently Asked Questions

Updating account details​

I changed my mobile number, do I need to inform the bank ?
Yes, you can quickly update your contact details by clicking 'Edit Profile' on the right panel from any page. 

I forgot my password, how can I retrieve it?
On the log in page, you can select 'Forgot password' and follow one of the two options to reset your password
  1. ​reset your password by answering your secret question
  2. reset your password by entering your Qatari ID or Passport number and mobile number
You will need to enter the One Time Password sent to your mobile before you can reset your password

I want to create shortcuts for the services I use most frequently, how can I do that?
That's easy! Click on 'Manage links' from the Quick links menu on the right panel to select your 5 services so you can personalise your shortcuts

How can I change my password?
You will need to go to Settings from your Profile menu to reset your password. You will need to authorise the change by entering the One Time Password which will be sent to your mobile.​