International Corporates

​​​The International Corporates team provides financing solutions to large international companies operating outside Qatar.


The breadth of our client network - which includes oil, gas, petrochemicals,

industrial, hospitality and manufacturing - demonstrates our expertise

in numerous sectors.​

The division's primary focus is on family-owned groups to large corporates

or conglomerates, incorporated out of Qatar, as well as state-owned entities,

government-related corporates and/or public sector companies.

We provide a full range of banking solutions with a wide range of products from

working capital to acquisition financing that support our client's customized

borrowing requirements.

What we offer:​

​​Funded Facilities​
Trade Facilities​
​Deposit taking
Working Capital Loan
Fixed Deposits​​
Syndicated Loan
Letters Of Credit
Deposit Linked Notes
Term Loan
LC Refinance
Structured Deposits
Revolving Loan
Bills Discounting
Structured Financing
LC Discounting

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