Foreign Exchange Products (Treasury)


Our teams of specialists have in-depth knowledge of foreign trading conditions that can help your business manage the risk in foreign exchange.



We offer clients a variety of foreign exchange products, as well as research on currency and interest rates. Unfavourable currency movements in an increasingly volatile world can quickly erode margins, so if your company has foreign currency exposure you could benefit from a tailor made strategy to manage these risks.



  • Tactical forward
  • Spot transactions
  • Foreign currency accounts
  • Forward foreign exchange
  • Standard forward accumulator
  • Current foreign exchange rates
Standard Forward Accumulator


This is a regular forward contract where the notional of the forward is determined over the life of the option up to the expiry date, rather than by a predefined value. This product is a choice for corporates looking for a forward style hedge.


Why buy an accumulator?

- If you have a very specific view of the spot rate movement.

- If you are looking to achieve a better forward rate than the prevailing forward rate in the market at the time of trading. You achieve a better rate because you are taking a risk not knowing the notional in advance.

To find out more about foreign exchange options for your business get in touch online or by phone today. 

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