Things to Know

Note the following:
  1. Documents required for enrollment - Signed PayCard contract, Company letter appointing company officials for correspondence and collection of PayCard and contact details form.
  2. Collection of PayCards - Authorised Company personnel shall collect the PayCard issued for the employees from our card Collection Center, D Ring Road branch – Ground floor, D Ring Road, Doha-Qatar, upon receiving an SMS on availability of PayCards in their registered mobile.
  3. Employee’s Documents to be submitted -  PayCard Application form (enclosed with PayCard and PIN ) should be submitted back after obtaining sign from the payCardholder with their QID / Passport copy. Kindly submit the documents in   our PayCard customer service – D Ring Road branch – Ground floor, D Ring Road,  Doha-Qatar.
  4. Lost PayCard - If card is lost, contact immediately the PayCard Customer Service at 44497576 or email to  Contact our Contact Centre after office hours at 44490000 or e-mail to stop the card.
  5. Salary Transfer – As per the recent law by Ministry of Labour, all companies should register for WPS (Wage Protection system) to transfer Salary. Please register for WPS with your Bank, if your Corporate Account is with us please register for WPS in any of our Corporate service branches. For any enquires related WPS like salary transfer format, you can send an email to WPS Support <> or contact  our Contact Centre  on 44490000
  6. CIB Features – You can upload your employee details to create and generate new PayCards and respective holder statements from your end
  7. from your end