​​​PayCard is a superior payment solution that helps to streamline payroll processing.

PayCards are designed to replace the payment of wages by cheques, cash and the traditional bank account​ and is recommended as a cost-effective way to pay employees who earn salaries below QAR 4,000


Benefits to the employer

  • Simplified payroll disbursement process
  • Ideal solution for company’s non-banked employees
  • Eliminates risk of cash handling and distribution
  • Provides value added benefits to employees

Benefits to the employee

  • Cash is immediately available on pay day
  • Ease of use as well as safe and convenient money management
  • No risk of carrying cash
  • 24 hour access to cash at nominated Commercial Bank ATMs in Qatar*
  • Shop at merchant outlets in Qatar using Commercial Bank POS machines*
Product types​
MasterCard PayCard​                                                                          

​Who is the card for?
Customers with a salary below QAR 4,000.

How it works

  1. The company signs an agreement with Commercial Bank and provide their employees’ details in a specified format in order to issue them with a PayCard.
  2. At regular agreed intervals, the company instructs the Bank on the amount of salary to be posted to each employee’s account.
  3. Bank credits the salary to the employee’s PayCard and deducts the same from company account.
  4. Employees can then use PayCard to withdraw cash or use it for purchases at merchant outlets.

For more information or to apply call us on 4449 0775 or write to us at You may also  visit us at any of our  branches.

​​​​​​* Applicable only for Commercial Bank PayCard. The MasterCard PayCard can be used at all locations displaying the MasterCard logo.
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