Mutual Funds

​​​​​​​​Commercial Bank offers a range of mutual funds from various Asset Management Companies / Fund houses. With as little as QAR 10,000 you can begin investing. Commercial bank has access to Global International Funds and Al Waseela.


Benefits and Features

Mutual Funds provide multiple benefits to individual and institutional customers. These include:

  • Diversification – of risk and underlying portfolio
  • Professional Management - Funds have experienced fund managers and are professionally managed
  • Easy Access – For as little as QAR 10,000 customers can invest in a mutual fund

Al Waseela Fund

Our unique Al Waseela Fund pprovides new and existing unit holders with the option of investing and/or increasing their investment holdings based on the net asset value as of the 15th day of every calendar month.
That means you can maximize returns from your investment portfolio of listed equities, lower your volatility and access investment into regional private equities.


  • Maximize returns from a diversified portfolio of listed equities on the Doha Securities Market and the GCC
  • Lower your volatility
  • Access investment into regional private equities
  • Leverage on the experience of professional investment managers
  • Enjoy monthly liquidity

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Kotak Mahindra is one of India's leading financial organisations offering a wide range of financial services – from stockbroking and mutual funds, to life insurance and investment banking –  and direct access into the Indian equity markets with a proven track record.

Kotak India Growth Fund - Aims to achieve capital appreciation by being invested in the shares and equity linked instruments of companies listed in India
Kotak India Mid-Cap Fund - Aims to achieve long term capital appreciation by primarily investing at least two thirds of its total assets in equity and equity linked securities of mid capitalization companies registered in India or deriving significant portion of their business from India

Features of the Kotak range of funds include:

  • Proven Track record
  • Minimum investment of QAR 10,000
  • Access to India for non-Indians
  • Dollar exposure to the Indian market
  • Daily pricing and dealing
  • Automatic re-investment of dividends

Funds offered


  • Freedom to invest in a range of assets and strategies
  • Lack of correlation with traditional stock and bond investments
  • Skill based, process driven
  • Potential gains even when global markets are declining
  • Attractive potential returns per unit of risk

Fidelity Investments

With over 450 fund managers and analysts, Fidelity Investments believe their research resources are unrivalled. This level of commitment has led to Fidelity receiving some of the highest industry accolades and awards year after year, recognising their investment performance and research.

Fidelity Equity Fund covers a wide spectrum of investment objectives, such as growth, income, capital appreciation, international and quantitative. Also, Fidelity offers funds in every major asset class including stocks, bonds, money markets and high-yield bonds.


  • Extensive choice of equity
  • Proven track record of excellence
  • Minimum investment of QAR 10,000
  • Daily pricing and dealing
  • Simple and cost-effective switching between funds
  • Automatic re-investment of dividends


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Mutual Funds

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