Customer Service Charter

We lay a strong emphasis on providing our customers with a world-class service. Dedication and responsibility in this regard involves ensuring that our communication with customers is clear, concise, and direct. With our assistance, our customers will be well-informed and able to make clear decisions because the content is provided in a simple and easy-to-understand language.

We always make certain that the financial products and services we provide to our customers are appropriate and relevant to their needs. We strive to provide excellent service to our customers to address all of their various banking needs. We recognize that there is always room for improvement, and as we develop new and more efficient methods of operation, we will formalize processes and procedures and incorporate them into our Customer Service Charter.

Pillar 1. Know Your Customer

Commitment: We work constantly to ensure that the customer finds the right product or service to suit his or her needs/profile.

  • Information is collected throughout the onboarding process to understand our customers. This may involve the completion of forms and the request for supporting documentation.
  • The Bank conducts periodic customer satisfaction feedback and/or surveys to ensure the customers’ needs are met.
  • Information on features and fees for the various products and services is accessible to customer through various channels (Physical Branches, Bank website).
  • Customers have the flexibility to switch products or services to meet their changing needs and demands.
  • Prior to launch of any product or service, we ensure they are thoroughly reviewed by the Product and Change Risk Committee, to ensure pricing or regulatory requirements are met, marketing / promotional strategy is agreed and also incorporate the customer impact and risk assessment is done.


Pillar 2. Transparent and Personable Service

Commitment: We ensure that our customers are treated fairly in all of our dealings by being honest, professional and ethical.

  • We provide our clients with clear, meaningful, and timely information on all of our products and services.
  • The following information is provided through multiple channels of communication, such as the Bank's branches and website, so that our customers can make well-informed decisions about the products and services that best suit their needs.
    • Fees and charges, relevant interest rates and obligations in the use of a banking product or service.
    • Product related details (i.e. product information, terms and conditions) are shared at the point of sale.
    • Critical terms will be brought to customers’ attention and explained to the customers.
  • We educate and train our employees so that they can responsibly advise and assist consumers with financial services and products that are appropriate to them. Our Relationship Managers, Customer Service Agents, Sales Agents, and other key staff are well-informed about the Bank's offerings and services to give our customers with relevant suggestions and advice.
  • We provide customers with personalized services, by acknowledging them when they approach bank branches or other customer facing channels, providing assistance through determining what they need, and offering the appropriate solutions.
  • We address customer complaints or queries timely and consistently, received through all our channels whether its Digital Banking platforms, Branches, Contact Centre or Relationship Managers.
    • Acknowledge customer complaints, queries, or issues promptly.
    • Communicate clearly on the complaint/issue.
    • Keep customers updated if unable to address issues within the stipulated timeframe.
    • Provide information on escalation to higher alternatives if the queries are not to the customer’s satisfaction at first instance.

Pillar 3. Convenient and Accessible

Commitment: We are accessible via multiple channels. We believe that every customer is unique and deserves his own tailored experience with the Bank, whether they interact with us digitally, at one of our flagship branches, or through a Relationship Manager.

  • Customers are always informed on the physical and virtual channels available to them using various communication modes such as Branch posters, leaflets, emails, SMS and Push notifications, social media, Bank website.
  • Customers have access to the following information:
  • List of Branches with easy-to-reach coordinates.
  • List and locations of Self-Service machines such as Automated Teller Machines, Instant Card Printing Machines, and Instant Cheque Book Printing Machines.
  • We provide customers with efficient services via our Digital Banking platforms (Mobile Banking App, Internet Banking) and alternate channels (ATMs, Instant Card and Cheque Book Printing machines) outside of normal banking hours.
  • Customers are provided with multiple options for performing transactions through alternate channels, depending on the banks channel presence and where applicable.
  • Customers may contact our Call Centre on 4449 0000 or write to us securely using the “write ​​​​to us” option in CB Digital Banking for comments, queries or complaints.​


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