Brokerage Account

Open a Securities Trading Account with Commercial Bank Financial Services and you can trade online wherever you have convenient internet access.

Our online trading service provides direct access to the Qatar Exchange; alongside up-to-the-minute market research and insights. All backed up by outstanding customer service and expert advice.

Securities trading lounges

If you’d like professional advice from our trading experts in person, our dedicated securities trading lounges are located on 2nd floor, Grand Hamad and 1st Floor, Commercial Bank Plaza.

Who can open a Securities Trading Account?

Qatari residents, expats and individual companies can all open an account, as well as non-Commercial Bank customers.
To set up the service and start trading, Qatar Exchange will need to issue you with a National Investor Number for a fee of QAR 100.
You can trade on the Qatar Exchange through our online trading portal or place an order with one of our brokers by telephone, by fax or by completing a BUY or SELL order form. You’ll receive an SMS confirmation for every order.

Fast, flexible online trading

Once you’re signed up to our trading portal, you can monitor all stocks live on the Qatar Exchange or focus on your favourites by clicking on select names. Whenever you’re online you can check your portfolio, view orders placed, trades executed and previous statements.

How can I fund my Securities Trading Account?

You can transfer funds via Commercial Bank Internet Banking​, or via a branch, by Telex transfer from any bank, or by cheque or cash deposit at Commercial Bank branches. You can transfer your funds from your Brokering Account back to your Current Account. 

How to open an account?

If you’d like to open a Securities Trading Account, just visit any Commercial Bank branch or the securities trading lounges to sign up. Alternatively, visit​ or call us on 4449 5522.
If you’re already registered with Commercial Bank Internet Banking​, you can sign up for our online trading services straight away.



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