PayCard Salary Transfer procedures

​Following are the procedures to be followed for salary transfer for PayCard services:
Option 1 -  Processing Salary through Corporate Internet Banking:
Upload the PayCard WPS salary files through online banking. As it is a live system, the salary will be processed immediately without the need for submitting hardcopies to the branch.
For more information about Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) and how to apply for the service click here or contact our Corporate Internet Banking team through email,  or call our Contact Center on 44490000
Alternatively you can also use the below Option 2.  However Option 2 will take more processing time than Option 1 and please note that it will not be a real time credit as Option 1.
Option 2 -  Processing Salary through Branches:
  • Salary letter and salary list (Obtained from Ministry of Administrative development, Labor and Social Affairs) should be prepared under the Company letterhead.
  • (Sample Letter)
  • Both salary letter and salary list (all pages) should be duly stamped and signed by the Authorised Signatory of the Corporate Account with Commercial Bank
  • The signed letter and the list should be submitted at your nearest Commercial Bank branch at least two days before salary value date

Please ensure to validate the SIF (salary information file) through Validation Tool ( and send the corrected salary file to
E-mail the salary covering letter and salary SIF (salary information file) which is provided by Ministry of Administrative development, Labor and Social Affairs (MoLSA) to "" & mark "" on cc.
Please note the following:
  • The cards issued for your employee for the first time are active. Hence please process the payroll only after receiving the cards from our Card Collection Center and dispatching the cards to your employees.
  • While sending salary transfer request to, please mention full company name along with your corporate account number in the subject line of email, this will help us in easy tracking your company’s salary request from our salary mail drop.

For any further assistance please write your query to
For your information :
To know about WPS and its registration details please click here
For WPS salary transfer concerns please contact or call our Contact Center on 44490000 for more details.